Course Overview

Marriage Prep is offered two times a year. This course includes practical teaching and couple mentoring. It is our conviction that we need to help couples to prepare well for a life-long commitment to a godly and healthy marriage. Therefore, the Marriage Prep Course has been developed for couples who are seriously dating or engaged, by providing them with biblical and practical teaching on marriage, marriage mentorship and time to go over your personal inventories.

To the right are the six topics that we cover throughout the course.

  • Defining Expectations

  • How Can I Know If I'm Marrying the Right Person?

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Lifestyles

  • Sexuality & Roles

Apply Today

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The first step is to apply for the Marriage Prep Course. After applying, Associate Minister Cliff Ursel will connect with you to book an appointment for an interview. Due to limited Marriage Mentor Couples, we advise that you start this process sooner than later. Preference will be given to those who regularly attend Westside Church and those that are already engaged.